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How much do you know about your channel’s performance? For some people, only the “number of channel members” is important, but there are many others that are important for monitoring other issues, such as increasing the number of views, discovering high profile messages, and factors affecting audience visibility, popular hashtags, and so on. They probably look for something like a dashboard that contains several charts, and with a glance at the charts it can analyze the entire channel’s performance. The JadooBI daily telegram dashboard analyzes your channel’s performance from a wide range of angles.

This dashboard allows you to analyze the following for your business:

  • Is the growth of the number of members done according to what is targeted?
  • What kind of content is most relevant to channel members?
  • By what media can the audience be better captured?
  • What are the popular messages?
  • Is it possible to find the appropriate time and number of posts to attract more audiences?


  • Popular posts in the last seven days
  • Average visits captured at different hours of the last seven days
  • Most used media in the last seven days
  • The number of visits per message sender and media type
  • Number of channel members
  • Trend of the number of channel members
  • Number of posts posted at different hours in the last seven days

Data source:

This dashboard uses Telegram data. If you do not use Telegram, you can navigate your data through the data sources supported by the wizard and create and analyze your own indicators. you can see which datasources JadooBI support in JadooBI datasource page.

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