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Dashboard Gallery Google Analytics

Google Analytics Monthly Website Traffic Dashboard

Increasing site traffic and site visits are two main concerns for all those who have launched a website. Of course, to get to know your business, it’s not just enough to know how much you visit, and there’s a need for other indicators. Hence, JadooBI ...

Dashboard Gallery Google Analytics

Google Analytics Website Content Analysis Dashboard

The content of the website reflects the main cognitive and functional characteristics of that website and is the main factor for bringing web visitors to the pages of each website. Looking at the performance of a business from the point of view of its website ...

Dashboard Gallery Google Analytics

Google Analytics Website Audience Overview Dashboard

Visitors to a website are people with different tastes and habits. To bring them together, you need to know how well they are segmented between them and have a specific analysis and program for each. This dashboard will help you to achieve such analyzes in ...

Dashboard Gallery Google Analytics

Google Analytics Mobile Users Analysis Dashboard

These days, the use of mobile phones has gone a long way. Users who use this device to login to the site sometimes have different behaviors and requirements that need to be identified. This will be possible by analyzing their information. The mobile user analysis ...

Dashboard Gallery twitter

Twitter Overview Dashboard

Twitter is considered the most popular social network in most parts of the world. For those who work on this social network, having an overview of their account statistics and what’s going around is not amiss. Such an insight could bring them the right solutions. ...

Dashboard Gallery Microsoft Excel

Excel Overall Marketing Performance Analysis Dashboard

Having information in each area is the first word, but it plays a bigger role in marketing. By collecting information, you can monitor market conditions and customers and help your business grow. But after all these activities, you need to measure and evaluate your marketing ...

Dashboard Gallery Telegram

Telegram Channel Content Analytics

Content is a bridge between you and your audience. If you are to achieve the goal by producing content, you need to get what you have produced from the audience’s perspective. Therefore, it is always attractive for businesses and marketing managers to analyze the content ...

Dashboard Gallery Telegram

Telegram Daily Analysis Dashboard

How much do you know about your channel’s performance? For some people, only the “number of channel members” is important, but there are many others that are important for monitoring other issues, such as increasing the number of views, discovering high profile messages, and factors ...


Dashboard Gallery Telegram

Telegram Posting Strategies Dashboard

How much does the published content in the telegram channel affect? How many posts do we publish each day? What are the top posts? These are the questions that are answered on this dashboard. With this dashboard you can find the best strategy for posting ...

Google Analytics Website Technical Analytics Dashboard

Dashboard Gallery Google Analytics

Website Technical Analytics Dashboard

For each business, the technical issues of the website are as important as site traffic and content analysis. The website’s technical analysis dashboard contains widgets that examine various aspects of the website’s technical issues. This dashboard allows you to analyze the following for your business: ...


Dashboard Gallery Google Analytics

Daily Website Analytics Dashboard

Everything is changing around a business today. This is what prompts managers to quickly monitor their business key indicators. Hence, having a daily website analytics dashboard with indicators that target daily performance is also essential in the Web area for online business executives. This dashboard ...