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The content of the website reflects the main cognitive and functional characteristics of that website and is the main factor for bringing web visitors to the pages of each website. Looking at the performance of a business from the point of view of its website content can provide a good insight into the owners of that business from the perspective of their web audience. For this, the Website content analysis dashboard is suggested.

This dashboard allows you to analyze the following for your business:

  • Has the content of the website managed to bring the audience to study pages?
  • Which pages are most welcomed by the audience?
  • What are the features of an enthusiastic website audience?
  • Which landing pages have had better performance in attracting audiences?


  • Attractive landing pages (with most sessions)
  • The percentage of new sessions
  • # of today’s sessions
  • Average time every user spends on pages
  • Most viewed pages
  • Average of sessions duration
  • User visits in different cities

Data source:

This dashboard uses Google Analytics data. If you do not use Google Analytics, you can navigate your data through the data sources supported by the wizard and create and analyze your own indicators. you can see which datasources JadooBI support in JadooBI datasource page.

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