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Having information in each area is the first word, but it plays a bigger role in marketing. By collecting information, you can monitor market conditions and customers and help your business grow. But after all these activities, you need to measure and evaluate your marketing performance so that you can continuously improve your performance. Make this section awesome.

This dashboard allows you to analyze the following for your business:

  • Do the methods used to attract customers have good performance?
  • Does the overall daily conversion rate make sense of the accuracy of the goals and the extent to which they are achieved?
  • How much of your audience can be the promoter of your business?
  • Did marketing activities attract more audiences in the long run?
  • How much of your target audience will accept you as a solution to your problems?


  • Website Traffic Growth
  • LTV: CAC Ratio
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Lead Velocity Rate
  • CAC Payback Period
  • Brand Recall

Data source:

This dashboard uses data collected in an Excel file. If you do not use Excel file, you can navigate your data through the data sources supported by the wizard and create and analyze your own indicators. you can see which datasources JadooBI support in JadooBI datasource page.

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