JadooBI Privacy Policy

JadooBI JadooBI Privacy Policy

JadooBI is subject to the laws of I. R. Iran. If you use JadooBI, you will agree the following, and you must use the service in accordance with them. Failure to observe any of the following rules may result in the deletion of your account.

Rules for accounts:

The user must be a human being and must be over 14 years of age. User accounts created by robots or any other automation method are not allowed.

The user is required to submit a valid email address during the registration process for using the service and provide any other information requested from him/her.

The responsibility for protecting the username and password is the responsibility of the user. The User disclaims all responsibility for any damage or damage caused by non-compliance with this security law and takes all responsibility personally.

The user will be responsible for all the content created and the activities performed on his/her account.

The user is not allowed to use the service for illegal purposes or for purposes that violate local laws.

Each account must be used by only one person. Using an account is not permitted by several people. You can give everyone who you want to access your dashboard and those people will have their own account.

Payment and Refund Rules:

Except the free service, other services provided monthly or annually will be activated in the form of a user’s payment and will be discontinued upon the expiration of a specified period if no new payment is made.

If you buy a new service, the start of the service will be executed from the next payment period (for example, the following month). In fact, when a service is purchased, if the user wants to buy a different service and pay the amount, the new service will be activated after the end of the previous service. Also, the current payment will not be refunded.

All prices (excluding taxes and duties) are announced and the amounts associated with these items are added to the invoice when paying.

Removing account and stopping paid account

The end of the pre-termination of the service is not possible and the service will expire with the expiration of its time.

Immediately after deleting the dashboard, none of the people who have access to it (even the owner) will not have access to it. This applies to widgets and reports as well.

JadooBI reserves the right, at any time and for any reason, to suspend or delete your account and to terminate any service to you. The termination of service in this way will result in the deactivation or deletion of your account or the termination of your access to all or some of your dashboards.

JadooBI reserves the right to render service to any person for any reason and at any time. If the account is suspended or deleted, the reason for it will be announced if it is not forbidden.

Changes in service and pricing:

JadooBI has the right to change or stop any portion of the Service, either temporarily or permanently, with or without notice at any time.

The right to change the prices of all services is conditional upon notice to the company for 30 days. This notification can be made at any time by sending an email or displaying a clear message on the site.

The company does not take any responsibility for responding to third parties about any changes to the service, price changes, and suspension or termination of service.

Intellectual Property and Content Ownership

All information created in the Service must comply with the intellectual property laws of I. R. Iran.

We do not have any claims regarding the intellectual property of the content you create in the Service. The intellectual property of all information created and the data uploaded to the service will be owned by the user.

The company does not have direct control over the content created on the service, but the right (and not the obligation) to discard or reject any information contained in the service at its sole discretion is reserved for the company.

All design and appearance of the service are subject to JadooBI’s intellectual property rights and all rights reserved. The user is not authorized to reproduce, copy or reuse any part of the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or intuitive elements without the written consent of the company.

General conditions:

The user takes the risk of using the service. The service is provided “as it is” and “available”.

Technical support is provided online or over the phone, depending on the type of service purchased.

The user understands and accepts that the company uses vendors and other providers to host, provide the hardware, software, network, storage, and other related technologies required to run the service.

The user is not allowed to change the service or hack it.

The user is not allowed to design another site in such a way that it is unrealistic to induce communication with the service or company.

The User accepts that he/she has not abused any part of the Service and does not copy and reproduce it without the written consent of the Company.

Linguistic, physical, textual or any other misuse, including, but not limited to, subjectivism, linguistic or written threats, and physical abuse to any service user, employee, or service of a wizard company will immediately result in the removal of a person’s account.

The user understands that technical processing and in-service transmissions, including content and data, may be unencrypted and require (a) the transmission of information between different networks; and (b) changes to conform to technical requirements, contact Networks or devices.

In rare cases where a user’s level of use has a negative impact on the overall performance of the service for other users, before contacting any user, contact the owner of the account and place him/her in the thread.

The company does not guarantee that (a) the service meets the specific needs of the user, (b) the service is continuous, on-time, secure or error-free, (c) the results obtained using the service are accurate and usable. (D) the quality of any product, service, information or other services and goods purchased or obtained through the Service at the user’s expectations level; and (e) any errors in the Service are corrected.

The User explicitly understands and agrees that the company will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including, but not limited to, loss of goodwill, loss of goodwill Providing content, non-use or any other intangible loss (even if the company is aware of the possibility of causing loss) arising from (a) the use or non-use of the service; (b) the cost of purchasing alternative goods or services Received or received from any kind of goods, data, information or service purchased or received, received messages and payments made to or from the Service, (c) access or change Jazz data or information transmitted, (d) statements or activities of third parties in the Service, and (e) any other matter related to the Service.

Failure to participate in the implementation or enforcement of any of the rights of the company or the provisions of these Terms of Use of the Service does not mean that the company is waived. Terms and conditions of use of the service constitute a complete agreement between you and the company and its integrity is based on your use of the Service, and cancels any prior agreements between you and the Company (including, but not limited to, all prior versions of the Terms and Conditions of Use).

Any new functionality, update, or optimization that modifies the current service, including but not limited to the release of new tools and resources, shall be subject to the same terms of use of the Service.

The company does not accept any responsibility for the changes that may be made in the policy or provision of various data sources services (such as Telegram, Google Analytics, and the rest) from the providers of those data sources. However, it will try to meet the needs of users to connect to those resources in the circumstances so far as the company’s ability allows it to be resolved.

Your continued use of the JadooBI system in accordance with the above laws means your agreement to all the laws.