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Content is a bridge between you and your audience. If you are to achieve the goal by producing content, you need to get what you have produced from the audience’s perspective. Therefore, it is always attractive for businesses and marketing managers to analyze the content and to look at what the audience really likes and what kind of content is most relevant to the audience. The Telegram Channel Content Analysis dashboard of JadooBI helps you get the right feedback from your audience at any moment.

This dashboard allows you to analyze the following for your business:

  • At what hours post is better to be published? How about different days?
  • Is there a significant number of posts from the audience? Is it low?
  • With what media can the audience be better captured?
  • Is it better to post what words or hashtags?
  • How has the feedback of the audience been to the produced content, and which of the content produced on the channel has a greater appeal to the audience?


  • Post Frequency Index
  • Frequency of posts by media on different days of the last month
  • Number of posts and their visits at different hours of the day
  • The charm of various medias at different times of the day
  • The most popular media in the last thirty days
  • The most popular words in the last thirty days
  • The most popular hashtags in the last thirty days

Data source:

This dashboard uses Telegram data. If you do not use Telegram, you can navigate your data through the data sources supported by the wizard and create and analyze your own indicators. you can see which datasources JadooBI support in JadooBI datasource page.

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