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How much does the published content in the telegram channel affect? How many posts do we publish each day? What are the top posts? These are the questions that are answered on this dashboard. With this dashboard you can find the best strategy for posting a telegram channel.

This dashboard allows you to analyze the following for your business:

  • How interesting is the content produced on the channel to the audience and is in line with the interest of the audience?
  • To what extent is the timing and number of produced contents far from superior channel standards?
  • How has the changes in how the channel has been viewed over time and have there been any changes?
  • Is there a meaningful relationship between the amount of post published and the amount of hits and how much is the optimal number of content production?
  • How has the feedback of the audience been to the produced content, and which of the content produced on the channel has a greater appeal to the audience?


  • Main (Internal) vs Forward Posts
  • Most viewed channel posts in the last 7 days
  • Frequency of Content Index
  • Index of content attractiveness for publication
  • Index of discipline in content production
  • The posting process in the last seven days
  • The rate of visit, divided by the number of posts per day
  • visits of this week vs the previous week divided by days of the week

Data source

This dashboard uses Telegram data. If you do not use Telegram, you can navigate your data through the data sources supported by the wizard and create and analyze your own indicators. you can see which datasources JadooBI support in JadooBI datasource page.

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